Welcome & hope you Enjoy my stuff



I love the whole pre-production part of a new project. Throughout my professional career I have really enjoyed this process and all the small changes that can be generated on the art pipeline of a video game. 

I have an extensive knowledge of working processes with both assets/Props and character software. The handling of the different tools within software such as Adobe package, Spine 2D, compressors such as TexturePacker, Clip Studio Paint are understandable and easy to implement in my workflows.

During my career I have also worked with Marketing Material for the different mobile Stores (for both types of main devices).From store icons and screenshots to images for Instagram and Facebook.

Of course I love to work with specific file sizes, always trying to respect both the total size of the graphic files and the quality of the different illustrations and assets.

My main skills are animation and character design.

I enjoy designing any kind of stylized or cartoon character, and of course, animating it and bringing it to life with the utmost care.






I love playing video games since I was a kid, since I had the Game Boy, then Super Nintendo, through the N64, Gamecube, Wii, PSP, Xbox360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

And I’ve always loved reading comics and drawing my own stories, so once I passed the scientific baccalaureate, I decided to enter the Faculty of Fine Arts to improve my artistic background.

Honestly, this career was a bit of a waste of time but it put the focus on different aspects that I was developing by my own, such as digital illustration and the creation of various characters and concepts for video games.

I’ve always liked to read fantasy novels and also crime/noir novels, although I have less and less time, between family, friends, acquiring more and better knowledge and skills at work, going out with the longboard for a walk…

I also enjoy audiovisuals, both movies and series, highlighting sci-fi and noir among my favorite styles.

And finally I love music since the 60s. From the classic funky groups, passing through different Rock and R&B groups, causing me a baggage that made me appreciate the beginning of rap and its evolution and then the NÜ-Metal.

I stand out for being a calm and relaxed person, cheerful and always ready to help. With a fairly technical profile without being obsessed with being a perfectionist.